Helping Families through the Process

It can be a difficult to watch our elder loved ones lose the ability to take care of themselves. Whether it’s due to age, incapacity or another circumstance, the courts can be asked to intervene and to appoint a guardian (or conservator) to individuals with diminished mental or physical capabilities. Worth Law Group can help establish guardianships and conservatorships and guide you through the process with knowledge, compassion and commitment.

Guardianship vs. Conservatorship

A guardianship is a court-appointed authority over the day-to-day welfare of an individual, including medical treatment, housing and general safety. A conservatorship is a court-appointed authority over the financial and business affairs of an individual. These responsibilities can be split between two people, but often one person serves as both guardian and conservator. Worth Law Group’s attorneys have over 40 years of combined experience representing people involved in guardianship and conservatorship proceedings.