Real Estate

Real Property

Real Estate Disputes

Disputes involving real property can arise in a variety of circumstances from disagreements over purchase and sale contracts to title and boundary problems. Our firm can help you with real estate and property disputess, including, but not limited to; boundary line disputes; easements; foreclosures; commercial and residential lease agreements; Breach of contract; and title issues.

Flooding and Landslides

Disputes involving flooding and landslides are all too common in the Pacific Northwest. Our rainy climate and the characteristics of the soils in the Puget Sound area frequently implicate the legal obligation of adjoining land owners to effectively manage their surface water drainage so as to void damages to their neighbors.

We have experience handling adjacent landowner liability cases, including claims involving property damage, lateral support, inverse condemnation by the government and many types of nuisance cases. Cases we handle include but are not limited to; flooding and landslide; timber trespass; nuisance/pollution; loss of lateral support; and property damage.

Conservation Easements

We represent private landowners in land conservation transactions with non-profit land trusts. We offer assistance in negotiation, drafting, due diligence, and closing of conservation easements and other land conservation transactions.

Purchase and Sale

Worth Law Group can help you navigate real estate purchase and sales by preparing offers to purchase or sell residential and commercial real estate; reviewing purchase offers and counteroffers; reviewing title documents and advising on title issues and reviewing closing papers.