We Understand Your Business

At Worth Law Group, we’re more than just a local resource for your general tax questions. With more than 40 years of combined tax law experience, we provide businesses with sustainable tax-planning strategies that minimize your tax liability and reduce your chances of a costly audit. Results driven and client focused, our attorneys don’t just take your tax filings at face value—we learn your business and dive deep into your financial statements to find a tax solution that gives you a competitive edge.

A 360-Degree View of Your Tax Issue

TAX 3All attorneys have a specialty within a certain area of law, but many of them are shortsighted because they never practiced in a government agency. Our attorneys are former administrative law judges and certified public accountants, so we see taxation matters from your side as well as from an agency perspective. Whether you’re looking for a trusted adviser to guide your business through tax season or you need a representative to stand up for you in a complicated tax assessment, our tax attorneys in Olympia, WA, spot issues quickly and deliver legal arguments that yield results.

Tax-Efficient Solutions

Worth Law Group offers personalized evaluations to determine whether your business qualifies for tax deductions or credits, and we’ll even teach you how to file your taxes for the most effective relief under the law. We can also review your business transactions and restructure your finances to comply with Washington State regulations, giving you the tools to pass lengthy government audits and prove your business doesn’t owe taxes.
Specifically, our attorneys—some of whom hold master of law degrees—can manage your taxation matters in the following areas:

  • State & Local Taxation
  • Estate & Gift Tax
  • Business and Occupational Tax
  • City and county Tax
  • Income Tax
  • Generation Skipping Transfer Tax
  • Private Letter Ruling Requests

Additional Information