State and Local Tax Issues

State and Local Tax Scenarios

With state legislatures and executive branches under more pressure to fund budget shortfalls, taxing authorities across the country are becoming more aggressive in collection of taxes from businesses and individuals.

Worth Law Group attorneys can assist you in navigating the following state and local tax (SALT) issues:

Letter rulings

We can assist you in drafting a ruling request from a taxing authority, so your business takes advantages of sound business arrangements with positive tax consequences.

Requests for refund

We’ll help you in timely filing a legally sound request for refund of taxes your business overpaid.

Audit representation

Worth Law Group can represent you during a taxing authority’s audit process so you achieve the best possible outcome in terms of taxability for your business. We have vast experience in evaluating the audit process from the government side and can help you identify weaknesses in a taxing authority’s position early in the audit process. This is a true benefit for any business.

Controversies and appeals

Assuming you receive negative tax treatment from a taxing authority, we can assist you in exploring the best avenue for you to gain relief from it, whether that be by virtue of an appeal to the taxing authority or other alternative forums under state law.


Taxing authorities and businesses frequently want to avoid expending precious resources on litigating tough legal issues, or issues that are non-recurring because of a prospective change in the law. We can assist you in obtaining favorable settlement of an issue you have with a taxing authority at any stage of the process, from initial audit or request for refund, through litigation at the administrative level or in the courts. We are experienced in recognizing what avenues can help you achieve the best tax position for your business, whether that be a reduced assessment, a refund, or beneficial prospective tax reporting instructions for your business.

Speaking engagements

We are available to present seminars on SALT issues for groups. We can develop a seminar catered to your needs while addressing SALT in a scholarly and practical way.

SALT Issues Handled By Experienced Attorneys

Worth Law Group Attorney Bill Pardee was Administrative Law Judge with the Appeals Division of the Washington State Department of Revenue for more than seven years.

He conducted hundreds of hearings with businesses, authored hundreds of written determinations resolving taxpayer appeals, settled matters with taxpayers within parameters of established regulatory guidelines and represented the department before the Washington State Board of Tax Appeals.

In doing so, Bill was exposed to issues involving:

  • Retail sales tax
  • Use tax
  • Business and occupation tax
  • Real estate excise tax
  • Streamlined sales tax issues
  • Economic and physical presence nexus
  • Single sales factor apportionment
  • Attribution
  • Bundled transactions
  • Digital products (digital automated services and digital goods)
  • Telecommunications
  • Federal preemption
  • Government contracting
  • Exemptions, deductions, and credits
  • Interstate sales
  • Wholesale sales
  • Taxation of construction services
  • Discounts
  • And a multitude of other SALT issues